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software engineer
Yoni Roit
+972-54-4319449,, Ramat Gan (Israel), willing to relocate.
12 years experience in software development.
Mostly server-side Java, infrastructure, databases, distributed systems, networks, VOIP and web.
Seeking a position of software architect or senior developer in a software-centered company.
M.Sc.(CT) in Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, 2007
B.Sc. in Computer Science, Haifa University, 2005
HP Software, System Architect (Dec 2013 - current)
IT Management-as-a-Service, Core Group.
Responsible for core infrastructure of a Software-as-a-Service platform.

HP Software, Data Science Engineer (2012 - current, cross-product part-time activity)
HP Software Innovation Council, CTO Office, ADM.
Single-handedly developed a machine learning-based event classification tool for HP Arcsight's in-house security vulnerability categorization system. The tool receives free-text event descriptions from a large number of security and network appliances (firewalls, routers, etc.), crawls the internet for additional data about each event, performs a number of text processing and statistical operations, and in the end automatically classifies all events using a variant of decision tree algorithm. The tool automates thousands hours of manual work by HP Arcsight's security experts. I was guided by HP data science team and Arcsight's security experts to first develop a proof of concept algorithm and then turn it into a real in-house tool with distributed infrastructure, retraining and multi-user support.
Java, Weka, text processing and infrastructure libraries, databases, Linux, virtualization tools.

HP Software, Senior Software Engineer (Nov 2012 - Nov 2013)
IT Management-as-a-Service Platform, Backend Team.
Responsible for kick-starting the development of Workflow and Task Automation engines - platform services providing business logic execution framework for MaaS applications such as Service Anywhere.
Java, SaaS, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, REST, Spring.

HP Software, Senior Software Engineer. (May 2010 - Nov 2012)
Senior developer in Universal CMDB - an object-oriented topological database product. UCMDB stores huge network graphs and provides topological query language for data retrieval. I worked on internals of the database engine - calculation, optimization and infrastructure.
Java SE, Oracle/MSSQL, Spring, Hibernate, Solr/Lucene, Web services, REST, Jetty.

Tadiran Telecom, Team Leader, Senior Developer. (2005-2010)
Worked on development of CoralSea Softswitch, a cluster-based voice-over-IP softswitch - control software of an IP phone exchange. Led the Infrastructure team for 2.5 years after working another 2.5 years as a developer. My team was responsible for infrastructure (messaging, persistency, thread pools, queues), clustering (replication, distributed cache), deployment, system monitoring, authentication, integrations and other system-wide components.
Java SE, GigaSpaces, PostgreSQL, C, Python, Linux, VOIP.

MIND CTI, Software Engineer.(2000-2005, part-time student)
Developer in Server Group of iPhonEX - billing/CRM system for VOIP networks.
Java/J2EE, VOIP (H.323/SIP), databases, PL/SQL, XML/SOAP, web services, JSP/servlets, Delphi, ISAPI.

about me
Reliable, creative, persistent. I have constantly been a great contributor to software projects, both as team player and as an individual. I usually spend my off-work hours with my wife, running a small local animal shelter.