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software engineer
Yoni Roit, +972-54-4319449, Ramat Gan (Israel).
14 years experience in software development.
Mostly server-side Java, infrastructure, databases, distributed systems, networks, VOIP and web.
Seeking a position of senior developer in a software-centered company.
M.Sc.(CT) in Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, 2007
B.Sc. in Computer Science, Haifa University, 2005
HP Software, System Architect (Dec 2013 - current)
IT Management-as-a-Service, Infrastructure Group.
Responsible for backend infrastructure of a Software-as-a-Service platform.

HP Software, Senior Software Engineer (Nov 2012 - Nov 2013)
IT Management-as-a-Service Platform, Backend Team.
Responsible for kick-starting the development of Workflow and Task Automation engines - platform services providing business logic execution framework for a suite of HP IT Management SaaS applications.
Java, SaaS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, REST, Spring.

HP Software, Data Science Engineer (2012 - current, cross-product part-time activity)
HP Software Innovation Council, CTO Office, ADM.
Developed a machine learning-based event classification tool for HP ArcSight's in-house security vulnerability categorization system. The tool classifies events coming from security and network devices, based on data learned from the devices' documentation and internet sources, into one of many categories used in-house by ArcSight. The tool automates thousands hours of manual work by security experts. I was guided by HP data science team and Arcsight's security experts to first develop a proof of concept algorithm and then turn it into an in-house tool with distributed infrastructure, retraining and multi-user support.
Java, Weka, text processing and infrastructure libraries, databases, Linux, virtualization tools.

HP Software, Senior Software Engineer. (May 2010 - Nov 2012)
Senior developer in Universal CMDB - an object-oriented topological database product. UCMDB stores huge network graphs and provides topological query language for data retrieval. I worked on internals of the database engine - calculation, optimization and infrastructure. One of my major achievements was leading design and development of a natural language topological search engine on top of UCMDB, a feature highly appreciated by the customers for its functionality, speed and simplicity.
Java SE, Oracle/MSSQL, Spring, Hibernate, Solr/Lucene, Web services, REST, Jetty.
Patent application for text search on structured graph.

Tadiran Telecom, Team Leader, Senior Developer. (2005-2010)
Worked on development of CoralSea Softswitch, a cluster-based voice-over-IP softswitch - control software of an IP phone exchange. Led the Infrastructure team for 2.5 years after working another 2.5 years as a developer. My team was responsible for infrastructure (messaging, persistency, thread pools, queues), clustering (replication, distributed cache), deployment, system monitoring, authentication, integrations and other system-wide components.
Java SE, GigaSpaces, PostgreSQL, C, Python, Linux, VOIP.

MIND CTI, Software Engineer.(2000-2005, part-time student job)
Developer in Server Group of iPhonEX - billing/CRM system for VOIP networks.
Java/J2EE, VOIP (H.323/SIP), databases, PL/SQL, XML/SOAP, web services, JSP/servlets, Delphi, ISAPI.

personal projects (defunct) (2005-2006)
Developed the first link aggregator in Russian blogosphere - a website displaying "top 10" lists of most popular content in the Russian section of Content popularity was measured by a number of links from other blogs, and the website provided daily, weekly and monthly aggregations of most referenced entries. The system contained a crawler that constantly scanned ~100K blogs for new content and extracted embedded links, hourly calculation jobs that performed aggregations, and a website displaying the results to end users. I developed the service in my off-work hours for two months before it went live, and then spent about a year maintaining, adding new features, fighting spammers, and generally learning how to run stuff on the Internet. It was a very happy and educational experience.
Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX

Participant in programming Q&A community  (2009)
I was an active participant in StackOverflow Q&A community, providing answers to many programming questions. My profile can be viewed at

about me
Reliable, creative, persistent. I have constantly been a great contributor to software projects, both as team player and as an individual. I usually spend my off-work hours with my wife, running a small local animal shelter.